What makes Clinicianline unique
from other clinic management software

Our clinic management software is designed to help even the busiest clinics to run efficiently. The software consists of an online doctor booking app and a medicine delivery application readily adapted to your particular needs.. We have the technological capacity to build an app that fulfills your expectation for a hospital or for a particular doctor.

Doctor booking app - User application
Doctor booking app - Doctor application
Medical Laboratory application
Medicine delivery application
Medical Store
Clinic management software in india - Backend admin
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of the Clinician
Doctor Booking App

Clinician doctor booking app manages doctor appointments and patient health records form a single point. Simple rescheduling and advanced chat options increase the number of bookings. The doctor booking app improves communication between patients and the clinic.

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Medicine Ordering
  • Simple Hassle-free Login
  • Multiple categories
  • Choose Products & enter quantities
  • Upload prescription & enter quantities
  • Delivery mode
  • Multiple Payment Methods integrated
  • Order Tracking
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Lab Tests Booking
  • View Listed Laboratories
  • View contact details of laboratories
  • View the working hours
  • View the services offered
  • View the navigation to the location
  • Book date & time slot
  • Advanced Searches Available
doctor booking app icon
Doctor Booking
  • View doctor profiles
  • Upload previous medical records
  • Book an appointment
  • Call/Video/Direct Appointment
  • Get informed if doctor is not available
  • Rescheduling appointments
  • Receive prescription & consultation note
  • Get a reminder before the consultation
  • Advanced Chat Options
  • Progressive Appointment Booking
  • Flexible Subscription Plans
Doctor booking app for patients

Customise On demand medicine delivery application

An Uber-like medicine delivery app can improve your pharmacy’s productivity. We are ready to develop a personalized medicine delivery application like TinyRx for you.
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Doctor booking app - Appointment Doctor booking app - Consultation Doctor booking app- Online prescription
Doctor booking app - Doctor profile


Clinic management software in India relieves doctors from the warrior with a bunch of papers. It allows doctors to note and record patient prescriptions online. The doctor booking app promotes consultation via call, chat, video, or direct visits. Thereby, it increases the number of appointments.

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Doctor booking App offers new features to provide the doctor an excellent experience.
  • Go Online/Offline
  • Update appointment timings
  • Receive consultation requests
  • View customer wise details
  • Get reminder before appointment time
  • Video or Audio call in case of online consultation
  • Provide prescription & consultation note
  • Receive payments
  • Chat with patients
  • View uploaded test reports
Medical laboratory application Medical laboratory application for labs Clinic management software in india
Laboratory application


Medical laboratory application is simple and quick to use, offering you various diagnostic tools! It helps laboratories to manage day-to-day lab appointments and test reports. Managing lab finances is easier with clinic management system.

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Laboratory application gives the laboratories a great experience with new features.
  • Enter Laboratory details
  • Enter Working Hours
  • Receive Requests
  • Update the appointments
  • Upload reports after test
  • Offer Management
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Medical store applications

Medicine Delivery

Medicine delivery applications serve as an all-in-one solution for quick and convenient delivery of medicines in a pharmacy. The application manages inventory, bills and invoices, and payments. It is the best way for startups to deliver medications without the wait at the pharmacy.

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Look at the best features of the Medicine Delivery Application, which distinguishes it from the crowd.
  • Product Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Prescription Management
  • Prescription Verification
  • Menu, category and sub-category management
  • Order Management
  • Offer Management
  • Reports & Analytics
Medicine delivery app dashboard Clinic management software in india dashboard Doctor booking application dashboard Medical laboratory application dashboard Medicine delivery application dashboard Medicine delivery application management

Admin dashboard to monitor all applications & the processes

Admin panel allows tracking of all bookings, consultations, payments, and medicine deliveries. Its easy understanding and simple outlook make Clinician unique among all other clinic management software in India.

clinic management software dashboard
The Admin Panel of Clinician is designed in a manner where all the functionalities of the application are listed out most simply. Some outstanding features of the Admin Panel are:
  • User Registrations
  • Categories, filters & store management
  • Inventory management
  • Order Tracking
  • Promotions & Offers Management
  • Prescriptions Management
  • Payments & Ledger
  • Manage cancellations, refunds and returns
  • Dispute Panel
  • Invoice management
  • Store wise and customer wise reports
  • All the patient records
Enjoy the luxury to take a tour of the complete demo of the Admin Panel of Clinician.

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What is Clinic management software?

Clinic management software is a specialized healthcare software capable of managing all day-to-day operations of a medical clinic such as doctor scheduling, monetary management, medicine ordering, and delivery, and managing the overall administration of the Clinic.

Clinician is one of the best clinic management software in India intently developed to streamline operations and processes of small to big - sized clinics in the most cost-effective way. Its user interface accelerates all your workflows and processes by enabling you to have easy navigation.

Clinician is designed and developed to provide healthcare-related goods and services utilizing cutting-edge technology. It enables patients to interact with healthcare practitioners via video, voice, or text chat and easily share health information.

Clinician is a complete package that comprises 4 applications - User Application, Doctor Booking Application, Medical Laboratory Application, Medicine Delivery Application & an Admin Panel.

Being high-rated clinic management software in India, Clinician comes in a flexible pricing scheme. You will be able to get the best package with all the features you need for the price you can afford. The Software is highly modifiable since owners of clinics can use the customized version of Clinician as per their requirements and capital.

Clinician is a solution that we are introducing into the market as quickly as possible. However, understanding your needs may assist us in providing you with an accurate timetable.

Clinician comes with an inbuilt medicine delivery application. It helps the clinic owners to deliver prescriptions online to respective patients via agents. Solo pharmacies can also get customized versions of Clinician to deliver medicines to customers’ homes.

Clinician entails a wide range of different technologies, including third-party integration frameworks and various APIs. We have used emerging technologies to develop innovative ideas in Clinician.

Doctor booking app reduces the number of missed appointments and ensures on-time consultation. The clinic owners can send notifications about working hours, and special offers like medical camps to customers. It develops more trust in your clinic in patients' minds and attracts new clients to take your service. Then the profit will increase.

Effective clinic management software in India always focuses on better care than marketing. Moreover, it resolves a lack of time and expertise, reduces cash flow issues, helps to choose the right team, and diminishes the patient retention rate.

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Clinic Management Software in India Improves Your Practice

Clinician - the top-quality clinic management software in India will enhance your productivity and vanquish your nightmares about paperwork. Customize the most aesthetic clinic management software for your clinic.
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